DC Segmentation Services

EI Segmentation

Interested parties are invited to join DCI in a collaborative project aimed at demonstrating the technical and economic feasibilities of grid segmentation in the Eastern Interconnect to achieve the following objectives:

Expanding available transfer capability (ATC) on existing ROWs;

  • Cost-effective access to distant generating resources with minimum or no greenhouse (GHG) emissions and minimal need for developing new ROWs;
Facilitating trading and improving the efficiency of wholesale markets; and

  • Enhancing grid reliability by preventing cascading and associated blackouts.

The approach to be used involves (i) segmenting the Eastern Interconnect by applying off-the-shelf HVDC technology at systematically selected sites to create alternative sets of dc-interconnected and asynchronously operated sectors, and (ii) comparatively evaluating the identified configurations with respect to the achievability of the study’s objectives.

Benefits of Participation

Participants will be the first to benefit from the strategic values of project results and will have an opportunity during project execution to tailor the study to perform tasks of special interest to the stakeholders they represent.

WI Segmentation

Interested parties are invited to join Phase II of the Western Interconnect Segmentation Study.

Ascertain the values and attainability of conversion technologies opportunities
Incorporate locational price differentials in assessing total transmission capacity (TTC) gains 

  • Refine phase I results

Phase II Staging:
Phase II-A: Investigation of conversion technologies

  • Phase II-B: Development of market-based metrics for evaluating TTC gains
Phase II-C: Refinement of Phase I result


Parties interested in participating in the 2010 Phase II Western Interconnect Project are asked to please contact DCI at: